2024 GeForce GPU Secrets in ROG and TUF Gaming laptops

Understand the power beyond what happens behind the scenes as you explore the nuances concerning the GeForce GPU power specs for the 2024 ROG and TUF Gaming laptops

With the power source G14 and G16, the Zephyrus as their series which recently underwent an intensive rebuild from from the ground up takes place at the forefront in ROG’s 2024 lineup

The most recent GeForce GPUs, expertly calibrated to provide unmatched gaming experiences, are included in both the Zephyrus G14 and G16

SCAR and G laptops from Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs are part of the Strix line. With each part carefully chosen to provide flawless performance

Powering the Strix SCAR and Strix G laptops are Intel’s 14th-generation CPUs, which ROG integrated to make sure the laptops are more than simply gaming machines they’re true powerhouses

A new laptop collection from TUF Gaming for 2024 features machines with an innovative 16:10 aspect ratio

Zephyrus as their M16, Zephyrus The Duo, ROG Flow X13, as well as ROG Flow Z13 models match up without one another