2024's Best Laptop Buying Guide: Which Is the Best?

Microsoft Windows 11 and Chrome OS provide more alternatives than MacBooks

Several companies use Windows-based personal computers over enjoyment or business, and they tend to outshine Macs

Windows computer systems vary in size. Clamshell keyboard-mouse computer systems like the Samsung Surface Laptops are prominent

Google won’t make an adjustable or retractable MacBook, so its iPad Pro laptop with its magical keyboard is 2-in-1

Windows gets substantial upgrades with new features biannually, unlike macOS. Chrome OS gets minor updates more regularly due to its loose release schedule

Apple devices meet its standards, but any manufacturer may produce a Windows or Chrome OS PC with unique features

The Google Chrome operating system operates Chromebook. These machines are inexpensive than desktops running Windows and MacBooks due to reduced technology desires

Linux support is in beta, and the library is less varied than Windows or macOS. Chrome OS’s maturity makes it a strong Windows competitor