2TB Corsair MP600 Core Mini SSD: Big Storage Zero Impact

Compact but powerful M.2 2230 SSDs like the Corsair MP600 Core Mini are now available due to the rise of mobile PC gaming platforms

Corsair’s 1TB TLC-based MP600 Mini was impressive, but the Core Mini increases capacity to 2TB. It’s fast and efficient, making it the perfect Steam Deck or Deck OLED upgrade to fit more games. Each under Corsair.

The Lenovo Legion Go owner can avoid that with Corsair’s M.2 2242 MP600 Micro. You can get 2TB of TLC with the WD Black SN770M, but the Core Mini will do for the Deck

The Deck and Ally base models have 512GB or larger internal drives, making upgrades harder to sell. If you need 2TB, this is a good option, and your old drive won’t be wasted with a little work.

The Corsair MP600 Core Mini 1TB and 2TB cost $94.99 and $199.99, respectively

Other QLC drives include the Sabrent Rocket Q4 2230, Addlink S91, Silicon Power UD90 2230, Teamgroup MP44S, and Inland QN446

The Corsair MP600 Core drive can read and write sequentially at 5,000 / 3,800 MB/s and randomly at 650K IOPS and more. Corsair guarantees 250TB and 450TB writes at 1TB and 2TB, matching QLC competition