5 Platform Engineering Myths: Cloud Fixes Everything

Google cloud prefer platform engineering because Google Cloud think it’s crucial to approach software delivery from a holistic perspective

An interface that makes it easier for software developers to locate and utilise the different tools and services that the IDP offers is called a developer portal

Google Cloud Run, which has a UI for creating, deploying, and monitoring workloads and an API for automation or command line access via gcloud, might be a quick start for an internal developer platform

Google Cloud define “paperwork as a platform” as having a set of tickets to submit to several siloed teams, for instance

Simple CI/CD pipelines are a good place to start, and managed infrastructure services or constant observability can help make it better

The goals of the organisational and cultural movement known as “DevOps” are to improve service reliability, accelerate software delivery, and foster shared responsibility among software stakeholders

Platform engineering is the process of encoding some DevOps techniques into software

Platform engineering automates the entire system lifetime, from service development, setup, and deployment to monitoring, scaling, and deconstruction, unlike the “bag of scripts” method