5G use cases and apply strategies

 Autonomous vehicles to smarter cities, farming, and retail, the next wireless network standard will change how we use information, devices, and each other

Cellular networks are 5G. 5G uses 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE radio waves. 5G downloads and uploads faster due to higher latency, throughput, and capacity

5G internet technology has been heralded as a breakthrough for consumers and companies since its 2019 introduction

This is mostly because its networks can manage massive amounts of data from sophisticated devices

Over time, mobile technology has rapidly increased daily data use. Advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and ML require faster speeds than 3G and 4G

5G transmitters are smaller than previous networks, enabling discreet deployment in out-of-the-way locales

WiFi devices use 5G's adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS), which is stronger than 3G and 4G. It lowers 5G's Block Error Rate (BER), which measures error frequency

5G networks use the same technology as 3G and 4G networks but have lower latency and can download 10 GB/s

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