ADATA's DDR5 CoolingTech Pioneers

When it comes to applying PCB (printed circuit board) thermal coating technology to overclocked DDR5 Cooling , the XPG is at the forefront of the market

Additionally, the effectiveness of heat dissipation was improved by 10.8 percent

Leading the way in DDR5 memory technology, ADATA focuses on more than simply speed and capacity

Acknowledging the possible heat requirements of DDR5, ADATA is dedicated to working with a range of cooling options

As of right now, ADATA doesn’t provide any unique cooling features for their DDR5 memory modules

New LANCER NEON RGB and popular LANCER RGB series memory modules will be launched in the second quarter and officially unveiled at Computex 2024

XPG has made the application of the most recent thermal coating technology a priority in order to overclocked DDR5 gaming memory