Advanced ECG & PPG Wrist-Worn Health Watch iHeal 5

It supports ECG, PPG, and blood glucose monitoring and has improved dynamic PD and blood oxygen sensors for heart rate

IHeal 5 allows sinus rhythm detection, real-time heart rate tracking, SpO2 measurement, sleep monitoring, body temperature, and blood pressure

It also has Bluetooth calling, which makes communication simple thanks to its integrated microphone and speaker

Health tracking in real time with integrated sensors and ECG disease AI ECG screening with readability and support for ECGplayback medical reports

The human body’s pacing point, atria, and ventricles alternate during each cardiac cycle

The watch will vibrate to let you know when your phone rings or receives a message, even if it’s in your bag or you’re busy and don’t notice it

Even the smallest changes can be precisely sensed thanks to an integrated optical heart rate sensor and a mainstream intelligent heart rate algorithm