Agent 8 Splatoon 3 side order release date

Splatoon 3 is getting a new addition called Side Order that will be released later this month

During the course of Splatoon 3 side order, the protagonist, Agent 8, is an Octoling who finds themselves in the enigmatic Spire of Order

As you make your way around the tower, you will encounter a new roguelite twist on the Splatoon 3 concept

During the whole duration of the Splatoon series, Nintendo has done a commendable job at showcasing the series’ adaptability

Splatoon 3 side order has shown throughout time that it functions as a cooperative horde mode, an open-world single-player tale, a competitive multiplayer game

In Splatoon 3 side order, Agent 8 from the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion makes a comeback and finds themselves awake in an odd, deserted place

The objective of Side Order is to ascend all of the Spire of Order’s levels and battle a brand-new class of adversaries known as Jellatins

Agent 8’s armament will be upgraded with Color Chips for the duration of the run, among other perks that come with each option