AI Data Mastering with Tamr Data

Tamr provides AI-powered Data Products that, among other things, provide precise, enterprise-wide entity resolution and golden record creation

For high-quality results, Tamr's Data Products use domain-specific pipelines and machine learning models to translate user input data onto a schema

Google Cloud has improved Google Cloud’s Data Products to make use of Google Vertex AI and cutting-edge foundation models like Gemini to resolve those data items

Tamr’s Data Products use foundation models to resolve data to real-world entities by utilising the semantic information provided in the source systems

The full potential of the source data may now be realised with Gemini without the need for traditional ML model building or ETL

The collaboration between Tamr and Google is a major advancement in analytics and data management

Tamir's turnkey Data Products use ML-based mastering models, data cleaning, standardisation services, and reference datasets without code

Google and Tamr improve value by streamlining data administration, shortening time-to-value, and increasing data-driven insights