AI, edge, and Google Distributed Cloud in Modern Manufacturing

Examples of these include artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and software infrastructure

Google Distributed Cloud, which lets manufacturers use Google Cloud's latest AI, infrastructure, and security on-site, is spearheading this technological revolution

Google Distributed Cloud, an agile platform for executing current shop floor apps, may be configured for OT security, latency, and availability

Edge AI models can quickly and accurately visually analyse real-time high-resolution photo and video streams and find errors

In AI-driven visual inspection, feeds from tens to hundreds of cameras must be processed in less than a second and the AI models' effectiveness checked

Modern process control infrastructure may employ AI to reduce energy use and downtime, enhance quality and throughput, and alter small gear

Augmented reality (AR) based on the edge improves maintenance and training protocols by decreasing human error and increasing task efficiency

By adding AI capabilities to current production processes, ageing infrastructure can gain new capabilities and potentially avoid expensive overhauls