AI Inference Scaled Microservices: NVIDIA NIM

A simplified approach to creating AI-powered workplace apps and implementing AI models in real-world settings is offered by NVIDIA NIM

Industry-standard APIs, domain-specific code, efficient inference engines, and enterprise runtime are all included in NVIDIA NIM

With NVIDIA NIM, 10-100X more business application developers will be able to contribute to their organizations’ AI transformations

This covers workstations and PCs with NVIDIA RTX, NVIDIA Certified Systems, NVIDIA DGX, and NVIDIA DGX Cloud

NVIDIA CUDA libraries relevant to a number of disciplines, including language, voice, video processing, healthcare, and more

Large language models (LLMs), vision language models (VLMs), voice, picture, video, 3D, drug discovery, medical imaging, and other models are included in this

NVIDIA NeMo allows for multimodal models, speech AI, and LLMs to be fine-tuned utilizing private data