AI Opening: NVIDIA BioNeMo Improves AWS Drug Discovery

NVIDIA-accelerated products like NVIDIA BioNeMo, a generative AI platform for drug discovery that will soon be available on NVIDIA DGX Cloud on AWS

With proprietary data, they will now have access to BioNeMo, enabling them to construct or modify foundation models for digital biology.

Techbio innovators employing BioNeMo for generative AI-accelerated drug discovery and development include LabGenius, Alchemab Therapeutics, Basecamp Research, Character Biosciences, Evozyne, Etcembly, and AWS customers

With this release, NVIDIA expands its portfolio of healthcare-oriented products on AWS, which includes NVIDIA Parabricks for accelerated genomics and NVIDIA MONAI for medical imaging processes

BioNeMo is a domain-specific framework for generative AI in digital biology that includes data loaders, pretrained large language models (LLMs), and optimized training recipes that can accelerate target identification, protein structure prediction, and drug candidate screening in computer-aided drug discovery

Using 256 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, one of these models the potent LLM ESM-2 achieves nearly linear scalability for protein structure prediction

Using self-managed services like AWS ParallelCluster and Amazon ECS as well as integrated, managed services like NVIDIA DGX Cloud and Amazon SageMaker, BioNeMo’s pretrained models and optimized training recipes can help R&D teams build foundation models