AI-Powered Professional GPUs Nvidia RTX A1000 & A400

NVIDIA is adding two desktop NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs, the Nvidia RTX A400 and Nvidia RTX A1000, to fulfil this growing demand

They enable professionals to transform their workflows with AI and ray-tracing technologies

AI and faster ray tracing are new features for the RTX 400 series GPUs with the RTX A400 GPU

This makes it appropriate for high-density display environments in financial services

Nvidia RTX A1000 is even more impressive than the previous generation, capable of managing up to 38% more encode streams and providing 2x quicker decode performance

The A400 and Nvidia RTX A1000 GPUs are compact, energy-efficient workstation GPUs that offer remarkable features in a single-slot

These new powerful and energy-efficient computing technologies can be used by industrial planners for edge deployments