AI-Ready Precision Workstations with NVIDIA GPUs

AI-ready Precision workstations and RTX-accelerated AI-development tools is a great method for software developers to get a head start on the production

NVIDIA made the announcement that enhancements for the Gemma family of models are now available across all NVIDIA AI platforms

By highlighting the strategic use of TensorRT runtime to boost the performance of various latent learning models (LLMs)

Furthermore, TensorRT-LLM has been used for the purpose of RTX-acceleration of text-based models, this includes Llama 2, Mistral, and Phi-2

NeMo framework, NVIDIA RAPIDS, TensorRT, and TensorRT-LLM are all integrated with GPU-accelerated development software via these tools

The combination of speed, dependability, and scalability that Dell AI-ready Precision workstations for artificial intelligence development provide is unrivaled

Dell Technologies provides the world’s biggest portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, ranging from desktop to data center to cloud