AI’s Rapid Growth Drives Liquid Cooling!

By processing and interpreting massive amounts of data in real time, it enhances decision-making and problem-solving abilities and produces predictive analytics

capability-hungry high-performance general-purpose GPUs for AI and ML workloads have evolved to maximize processing capability

Like CPUs, GPU power consumption has grown significantly in recent years For instance, the most recent NVIDIA H100 GPUs can draw up to 700W, whereas an NVIDIA A100 GPU in 2021 could only draw 300W

Dell Technologies‘ intelligent system management, or iDRAC, continuously monitors sensors throughout the server and learns from its surroundings to ensure proper cooling with the least amount of fan utilization

Dell is now using DLC server systems in its third generation Since DLC is no longer limited to HPC, they now provide 12 DLC-enabled platforms with their 16th generation servers, continuing their journey that began in the HPC market in 2018

The thermal extraction technique known as “liquid cooling” uses liquid coolant to extract heat from any or all of a server’s internal components. Direct Liquid Cooling, or DLC as it is sometimes shortened, is the method used by Dell

Liquid keeps four times more heat than air because it is significantly more effective at transferring and collecting heat than air cooling