Aiven Kafka and BigQuery: The ultimate gaming cheat code

Player activity, in-game purchases, social media, and customer support inquiries create vast volumes of data every second in video games

The fact that gamers today want a highly customized and responsive experience, and games are always changing and developing

Massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) must accommodate numerous players and effectively reflect a virtual setting

By giving player-volume-based data a time-value with Aiven for Apache Kafka, infrastructure scaling can be automated depending on load and traffic patterns

Automation scripts using the Terraform Provider or Kubernetes Operator may spin up additional game services to meet demand as certain thresholds are reached

Aiven Kafka services are perfect for high player volume gaming circumstances, like a much awaited version launch, since they can be scaled to accommodate any quantity of data.

Highly dependable services are intended to be always accessible via the management plane, often known as the Aiven Kafka Console

You can make sure that your game servers are always running at maximum capacity by having them automatically scale up or down in number as required

By just operating the number of gaming servers that you need, you may reduce the amount of money you spend on cloud computing