Alphacool Apex Stealth Metal Fan: Silent Powerhouse review

The popular brand in PC cooling solutions, Alphacool, has introduced its Apex Stealth Metal line of cooling fans

It has a distinctive design with a metal frame and proprietary decoupling technology that lowers vibration and noise

The fan’s operating effectiveness is influenced by this design decision in addition to its visual attractiveness

These fans stand out for their distinctive design, which combines a metallic frame with plastic components that are disconnected from the metal

These fans, which come in four color choices (White, Matte Black, Chrome, and Gold)

Each fan from AlphaCool comes in a cardboard box with premium fasteners, an extension power cord, and a little, gentle cleaning cloth

Hydro-Dynamic Bearing (HDB) engines were chosen by AlphaCool because of their reputation for quiet operation and longevity

Although HDB designs are more affordable for performance fans, they are not the greatest kind of fan engine layout