Amazon EC2 C7i & C7i-flex Instances

Amazon EC2 C7i-flex and EC2 C7i instances have a 2:1 RAM-to-vCPU ratio and are next-generation compute-optimized

C7i-flex instances, which come in the most common sizes from large to 8xlarge with up to 32 vCPUs and 64 GiB of RAM

EC2 C7i instances excel at batch processing, distributed analytics, HPC, ad serving, extremely scalable multiplayer gaming, and video encoding

In terms of price performance, EC2 C7i instances outperform C6i instances by 15%

Large to 8xlarge are the five most popular sizes offered by C7i-flex

Eleven sizes (two bare-metal sizes, c7i.metal-24xl and c7i.metal-48xl) with different vCPU, memory, networking, and storage capacities are offered by C7i

Up to 50 Gbps of networking bandwidth and 40 Gbps of bandwidth to Amazon EBS are supported by EC2 C7i instances

When you don’t need to use all of the computational resources, EC2 flex instances are an excellent choice