Amazon RDS Extended Support for MySQL 5.7 & PostgreSQL 11

RDS Extended Support may cost more due to automated enrollment. Upgrade your database before RDS Extended Support to prevent these expenses

Amazon RDS Extended Support, announced in September 2023, lets you run your database on a major engine version on Amazon Aurora or Amazon RDS after its end of standard support date for a fee

MySQL and PostgreSQL open source communities identify CVEs, generate patches, and resolve bugs until community end of life

Amazon Aurora and RDS engineer crucial CVE patches and bug fixes for up to three years after a major version’s community EoL with RDS Extended Support

AWS announced that if you did not opt your database into RDS Extended Support, it would automatically update to a newer engine version

Automatic enrollment in RDS Extended Support allows you more time and control to organize, schedule, and test database upgrades on your own timeline while receiving essential security and bug fixes from AWS

RDS Extended Support helps you schedule your upgrade, but staying with previous versions means missing out on the greatest price-performance for your database workload and paying more for support