Amazon Titan Text Premier

Titan Text Premier is the newest large language model (LLM) in the Amazon Titan family of models

Titan Text Premier has been fine-tuned to incorporate appropriate artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and optimised for high-quality RAG and agent-based applications

RAG is a crucial component in developing generative AI applications, Titan Text Premier has been specifically optimised for RAG and agent-based applications

As part of the optimisation, the model is trained to manage the subtleties of these properties, like their unique prompt formats

Titan Text Premier with Knowledge Bases is now an option for implementing tasks like question-answering and summarising over proprietary data that belongs to your firm

You can use agents to automate processes for your clients, both internal and external, such handling insurance claims or retail order management

Titan Text Premier enables you personalise your model and build user experiences that match your business's voice, style, brand, and products

Amazon Titan Text Premier, covering important responsible AI benchmarks such as robustness, safety, and fairness

Amazon protects mindful Titan model users against copyright claims