AMD Strix Point: Next-Gen Ryzen Mobile Processors

AMD plans to rebrand Strix Point laptop CPUs last minute. The flagship SKU may be Ryzen AI 9 HX 370. Ryzen AI 9 365 may be its non-HX counterpart

Through a website page, Asus unintentionally disclosed AMD’s new naming strategy for its future AMD Strix Point CPUs

Intel, each SKU would have a three-digit number, conventional branding for Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9, and a splash of “AI” on top

Ryzen AI 9 HX 170 is now HX 370. HX-free Ryzen AI 9 365 will follow. The Ryzen 7000 series introduced AMD's third NPU, hence the “300” designation

AMD has some leeway with this strategy for Hawk Point updates, which can subsequently be released as Ryzen AI 1xx and Ryzen AI 2xx

AMD Strix Point CPUs are powerful. AMD's latest processors are fast, efficient, and versatile. Gaming, professional, and daily computing CPUs are standardised under the Strix Point series

AMD Strix Point CPUs use Zen 4, a revolutionary architecture. Modern 5nm technology boosts clock speeds, transistor densities, and power efficiency

One of AMD Strix Point CPUs' best characteristics is RDNA 3 graphics.This link provides stunning visuals without a graphics card