AMD Versal 2nd Gen SoCs Improve AI 10x

Single-chip intelligence for AI-driven and traditional embedded systems is provided by the Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 and Versal Prime Series Gen 2

Preprocessing, AI inference, and postprocessing for AI-driven embedded systems are all made possible by next-generation AI engines, high-performance integrated CPUs

AMD Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 adaptive SoCs enable effective AI inference, high-performance postprocessing that minimises area and complexity

AMD Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 adaptive SoCs improve the widely used Versal architecture by fusing next-generation AI Engines

They feature an improved AI Engine that offers up to 3X performance per watt and higher efficiency than the previous generation

The AI Edge Series Gen 2 devices’ heterogeneous architecture makes them perfect for multi-sensor vision perception systems that need to combine multiple sensors and make decisions instantly

Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 is appropriate for a wide range of advanced and precision applications, including sensor fusion systems