AMD dominates x86 Processor Architecture

Data centres, the backbone of the global economy, offer several services for different users and applications

AMD will emphasise the benefits of AMD EPYC-based servers and reveal the truth behind alternative-architecture system claims

AMD can implement the x86 CPU architecture in a highly efficient Zen4 core and a more optimised Zen4c core that is compatible

AMD pioneered chiplet architectures and integrated many silicon features to reduce and fine-tune power usage

Intel has struggled to compete in performance and energy efficiency for years, AMD has improved x86 processor performance and efficiency

AMD EPYC has routinely outperformed Arm-based competitors from Ampere, Nvidia, and other exotic architectures in efficiency

AMD EPYC 9754-based PCs have 2.5X to 2.7X more ssl ops/watt than Ampere solutions EPYC efficiency is 2.1–2.2 times higher than Intel Xeon

Data centre operators use x86 processor-based applications and infrastructure without major changes or expenses