AMD Zen 6 Chipmaking Future

Zen 6 will revolutionize performance and efficiency when it launches in 2025 or 2026

This would be a substantial leap from the 5nm node that was predicted for AMD Zen 5

Conundrum regarding Core Count there are rumours that suggest there could be three different types of AMD Zen 6 Standard, Dense Classic, and Client Dense

There is still a lot of uncertainty around the Client Dense variation, although there are rumours that it would be aimed at mobile devices and laptops

This could involve CPU optimisations for certain workloads like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence

This could result in significant performance increases for integrated graphics, which would make them more viable solutions for gamers who play games on a casual basis and for jobs that are performed typically

The implementation of enhanced power supply methods, which may include the incorporation of 2.5D chip connection technologies