Anti-Drift Thumbsticks and Rear Paddles SCUF Nomad

SCUF Nomad uses SCUF's years of design experience and competitive success with console and PC gamers to provide a top-notch mobile gaming experience in a portable, foldable design

Full-sized thumbsticks from Nomad provide exact control and accuracy, while anti drift Hall effect parts provide long lasting performance

Nomad's two rear paddles, a unique SCUF design that improves speed and control while decreasing hand strain, compliment the thumbstick setup

An iOS companion app for SCUF Nomad is available for free and doesn’t require a subscription

SCUF is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable gamers to improve their performance and enjoyment on all platforms as gaming continues to evolve

Now that SCUF Nomad is available for $99 MSRP, more players than before may take use of the advantages of a SCUF controller

SCUF Gaming offers controller and accessory warranties and customer assistance. They also repair and replace parts for longevity and performance