AORUS MO34WQC2: Ultrawide Resolution Meets OLED Power

The industry is distinguished by the AORUS MO34WQC2 gaming monitor’s advanced features, ultrawide immersion, and exceptional performance

This display was designed for recreational gamers and esports fans with cutting-edge technology and a sleek, stylish appearance

The AORUS MO34WQC2 is a revolutionary gaming monitor that stands out from the crowd

This remains valid regardless of whether one is participating in fierce combat against other players or venturing into expansive environments

The AORUS MO34WQC2 ensures fluid gaming experiences free from motion distortion and ghosting by employing state-of-the-art technologies

This advanced panel technology significantly enhances the visual experiences of gamers by producing vivid colours, profound blacks, and intricate details

AORUS MO34WQC2 will give you the upper hand thanks to its silky-smooth performance and little input lag. Its fast response time of 1ms and high refresh rate of 165Hz make this possible