Apple Adds MacBook Air 2024 and iPad Models

One of the largest 2024 changes is the iPad Pro's OLED screen. This improvement offers higher contrast, richer colors, and maybe improved battery life than previous models

Apple will add the M3 CPU to MacBook Air models. In line with Apple's reputation for powerful computers, performance should increase while the design remains the same

Although there is a great deal of enthusiasm around these new releases, some users have voiced a want for more significant improvements, particularly with regard to making better use of the iPad OS’s ability to leverage Apple’s CPUs

With the M3 CPU, the MacBook Air, which is renowned for its small size and portability should see a significant increase in performance

Another update brings 12.9-inch iPad Air devices. This update gives the cheaper iPad Air series the iPad Pro's large-screen experience

To eliminate “jelly scrolling” in portrait mode, the seventh-generation iPad mini's screen assembly may be rotated

Apple just upgraded the tablet to include Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3, two of the latest standards