Apple Arcade: 12 Distinctive 3D Games Using Apple Vision Pro

With Apple Vision Pro, a ground-breaking new spatial computer that revolutionizes how people work, create, connect, relive memories

Amazing new gaming potential are unlocked by spatial games created especially for Apple Vision Pro Arcade

In Super Fruit Ninja, players can slice apples with their hands as their living room becomes their own dojo; in WHAT THE GOLF

They are leading the way in offering players unique spatial games on Apple Arcade that are only possible on Apple Vision Pro

The amazing capacity of Apple Vision Pro to provide authentic immersion in real-world surroundings is something they are thrilled to be able to demonstrate by recreating traditional game components

This reimagined hit spatial rhythm game, which transforms the surrounding area into a retro-futuristic world, will have players riding rails

Players may care to their garden and perform spells in the comfort of their living room while also visiting the amiable town

This indie smash, a physics-based golf spoof, is entirely made for laughs in spatial gaming as players hit the links with automobiles