Apple Friday Night Baseball Schedule 2024

Apple and MLB revealed the July schedule for "Friday Night Baseball," a weekly doubleheader on Fridays for Apple TV+ users in 2024

Modern cameras provide realistic live-action images in every game, and spatial audio is enabled for immersive 5.1 surround sound

Sports enthusiasts can now get live scores, statistics, and more with Apple Sports, a brand-new free iPhone app

Countdown to First Pitch, MLB Daily Recap, and MLB This Week are among the MLB-related shows on Apple TV+

MLS, “Friday Night Baseball,” and other MLS and MLB live broadcasts may be seen on Apple TV 4K and iPad Multiview with up to four streams

During the regular season, DIRECTV's network of over 300,000 restaurants, bars, hotel lounges, retail outlets, and other locations receives all the action via satellite

With an Apple TV+ subscription, viewers can also tap to watch “Friday Night Baseball” straight from the Apple TV app every Friday