Apple iOS 18 Update & Features

Not only that, but Apple is also introducing app sideloading to Europe with the iOS 17.4 update. There’s talk that iOS 18 could go global.

The iOS 18 update may include a third-party app subscription payment gateway

The greatest benefit is that everyone can get it by year’s end when the iPhone 16 is released. WWDC 2024 in June will unveil all the exciting new features

Apple is attempting to enhance Siri’s capabilities with generative AI that mimics ChatGPT, which is an exciting development

Prepare for generative AI in the music and note apps as well as AI-powered photo and video editing, influenced by the newest features from Samsung and Google

Similar to previous iPhone OS upgrades, iOS 18 will be offered without charge

Generally speaking, iOS 18 will be released for iPhone models 11 and above