Apple iOS 18's AI Can Generate Emojis From Text

Gurman predicts that iOS 18 will highlight an AI-powered feature that enables users create personalised emojis dynamically

The generative AI will develop customised emojis based on users' communications, dramatically expanding iPhone and other Apple device emoji selection

Along with the emoji creator, iOS 18 will improve Notes, Photos, and Notifications with AI. AI-powered improvements aim to improve functionality and usability

Users can modify home screens by recoloring app icons. The new style will also allow for greater widget and app icon positioning by eliminating the grid

Apple is expanding customisation and user experience by using cutting-edge AI technologies to improve regular device interactions

The business filed patent application 11991901 for a foldable screen that can self-heal from dents and scratches

iOS 18 is popular because it adds AI and visual improvements. Apple is well behind the competition in feature completeness, but the new additions are excellent

Gurman reports that iPhone users using iOS 18 can “change the colour of the app icons.” Apple may follow suit