Apple M4 chip drives new iPad Pro

Apple M4 chip, the newest chip that powers the revolutionary iPad Pro with incredible performance

Second-generation 3-nanometer M4 SoC increases Apple silicon's industry-leading power efficiency and enables the iPad Pro's ultrathin design

M4 has Apple’s fastest neural engine ever, surpassing the neural processing unit found in any AI PC on the market today

M4 iPad Pro offers a significant improvement in performance compared to the M2 model

The new Apple M4 chip features up to 10 cores, with four performance cores and six efficiency cores

Compared to the potent M2 in the previous iPad Pro, the Apple M4 chip offers up to 1.5 times faster CPU performance

M4 requires only a quarter of the power to achieve the same performance as the newest PC processor in a light and thin laptop

Neural Engine in the Apple M4 chip creates an incredibly potent chip for AI, especially when combined with the high-performance GPU