Apple Magic Keyboard Selection Tips for iPad

iPads have developed into immensely potent tools for work, creativity, and enjoyment in the modern world

Fortunately, Apple's Magic Keyboards turn your iPad into a laptop-like device with a touchpad and a comfortable keyboard (on select models)

Given the many possibilities, choosing the finest Magic Keyboard for your iPad model can be challenging

Choose the finest iPad Magic Keyboard with this comprehensive guide. We'll explore Magic Keyboard models, features, compatibility, and more to help you select

Backlit keys, a trackpad for excellent cursor control, and multi-touch gestures make low-light typing easy. A USB-C port permits pass-through charging. This laptop-like keyboard

Contains a 14-key function row for easy access to standard features like screen brightness adjustment and volume control

The Magic Keyboard Folio is a fantastic choice if you prioritise portability for daily work and affordability

Features a pass-through USB-C port that charges your iPad even when you’re using the keyboard