Apple Vision Pro 2

The information suggests Apple has cancelled the Vision Pro 2, its next-generation high-end VR headset

This implies that the Vision Pro's high pricing may have been inappropriate given the VR market's position.Analysts expect cheaper Vision headgear by late 2025

Early in 2024, the Vision Pro cost $3,499. Even while its strong processor and high-resolution screens impressed, it had problems

A big price cut may be needed to reach more people. Its estimated $1,500–$2,500 price makes it more affordable for more buyers

Reports say the first Vision Pro was heavy. For extended VR sessions, the cheaper version may emphasise ergonomics and comfort

The Vision Pro started at $3,499. Many buyers may have avoided buying due to the high price.There are reports that the new, cheaper Vision headset would cost $1,500–$2,500

It’s a calculated move that sets Apple up for long-term success in the VR space, even though the Vision Pro 2 may be shelved

Apple's ability to mix affordability, usefulness, and a high-quality virtual reality experience will determine the fate of this much-discussed low-priced headgear