Apple’s Wi-Fi chip self-growth is difficult to launch 2025

Industry watchers say Apple is unmatched in custom SoCs, but Broadcom and Qualcomm are far ahead in custom 5G modems and Wi-Fi chips

MediaTek products may enter the Apple supply chain through non-mainstream products like Apple TV, and Apple may introduce its own Wi-Fi chips in 2025 iPhones

Company executives noted that the Apple developed themselves Wi-Fi semiconductors would be challenging to announce in 2025 due to current developments and technical constraints

From 5G modems to Wi-Fi chips, reports say the iPhone will directly integrate them. The iPhone, Apple’s main product, cannot afford mistakes

Apple’s self-developed chips must match Broadcom and Qualcomm’s connectivity and power consumption to avoid hurting iPhone sales

Apple will also have to compete with Qualcomm and Broadcom, which have extensive market experience and patented technologies

Qualcomm may remain Apple’s supplier despite its estimated 2025 or 2026 launch of its custom 5G modem for the iPhone, as the iPad, Apple Watch, and others require 5G modems

Broadcom may face similar losses due to iPhone order losses, but Apple manufactures and ships millions of non-mobile phones