Arrow Lake-S Z890 motherboards with Thunderbolt 4

Intel Z890 Motherboard Will Have Up To 4 “Arc Xe-LPG” iGPU Cores and Native Thunderbolt 4 Support for Arrow Lake Desktop Processors

Intel Core Ultra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” Desktop CPUs will offer Core Ultra 5 SKUs and be based on the first-generation Core Ultra 100 “Meteor Lake” family

ince these also include four Xe-core iGPUs, you can use the Intel Core Ultra 7 165U/155U performance

Arrow Lake-S Core Ultra 200 series CPUs replace Core i9, i7, and i5

Arrow Lake-S CPUs will use the LGA 1851 socket, even though Intel says LGA 1700 coolers will work with LGA 1851

Z890 motherboards feature Thunderbolt 4, Alchemist integrated graphics, and PCIe Gen 5.0

The cost will depend on power delivery modules (VRMs), PCIe slots, networking and WiFi capabilities, and brand reputation