Artificial General Intelligence: Race to Create a Human Mind

This is the potential of the hypothetical technology known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), which has the ability to completely transform almost every facet of human life and employment

It might respond to inquiries about the geography and culture of the area, tailoring its responses to the passenger’s preferences

AI programmes such as LaMDA and GPT-3 are quite good at producing text of human caliber, completing particular jobs, translating across languages when necessary, and producing other forms of artistic material

They can better understand the subtleties of human language, such as grammar, syntax, and context, thanks to NLP approaches

The artificial intelligence of today, which includes generative AI (gen AI), is sometimes referred to as narrow AI

The transition from weak AI to full AGI is a huge problem, notwithstanding the exciting nature of the advancement

AGI would be a significant technological advancement that will permanently change the way businesses are conducted in sectors like manufacturing and healthcare