ASUS BR1204 Series Goes Live

ASUS BR1204 series Features ASUS announced that its newest laptops from the ASUS BR1204 series, CR, and CZ series will be available at Bett UK 2024

The CR and CZ Chromebook series (CR1204, CR1104, CZ1204, CZ1104), which provide hybrid learning settings unmatched mobility and agility, go hand in hand with the BR series

All of these series support ASUS’s dedication to safety, dependability, and user-centric design in both online and offline environments They also include simple-to-service designs that make it easier for IT managers to maintain

Toughened resilience for teaching: Prepared for any obstacle in the classroom The people at ASUS are aware of how lively and demanding the classroom

Active young learners will find the ASUS BR1204 series, which is perfect for them since it has ruggedized build for increased durability and is built for the K–12 education market

In response to the changing demands of students, ASUS has extended the BR series to include the brand-new ASUS BR1204 series, a 12-inch laptop that will sit among the company’s current lineup of 11- and 14-inch laptops

With a variety of display sizes to suit different needs and tastes, ASUS’s commitment to delivering customized educational solutions is shown by the expansion of the ASUS BR1204 series

The integration of front-facing cameras and extensive connection choices, such as WiFi 6E and 4G LTE, enables educators and learners to participate in learning activities from any location