ASUS GPU Tweak III: Lower-temperature GPU undervolting

A GPU benchmark test should be done before adjusting power use to assess your card’s performance at factory settings

Enter ASUS GPU Tweak III and locate the left-hand Power Target slider. Click Apply in the bottom-right corner after lowering this slider 5 or 10%

The conventional undervolting definition is here. The voltage-frequency curve of every GPU increases with usage

The GPU needs Y voltage for X frequency. Overclocking the GPU allows you to increase performance by slightly increasing its frequency at that voltage

Overclocking the card raises the voltage-frequency curve, then manually setting the maximum boost clock to stock values

ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 reached 2670MHz, whereas my ROG Strix reached 1920MHz

The curve will level off at your frequency. After clicking Apply, click Save in the lower-right corner to save your settings