ASUS MDS-M700: 4K UHD imaging medical box PC

A medical-grade, ultra-quiet, high-performance box PC for processing 4K UHD AI images, among other healthcare application

ASUS IoT, the global leader in AIoT solutions, introduces the MDS-M700, a new medical box PC designed for optimal performance and support in a variety of healthcare settings

The MDS-M700 satisfies industry requirements for medical safety and has certifications from the CE, FCC, and IEC 60601-1-2

ASUS, the world's top motherboard brand, makes industrial motherboards with rugged, industrial-grade components for use in various vertical markets and 24/7 operation in harsh conditions

With the increasing need for intelligent healthcare and digital operating rooms, the MDS-M700 is designed to be a reliable medical box PC

Powered by Intel Core (13th generation) processors and optional NVIDIA RTX A5000/A4000 GPU cards, the MDS-M700 quietly and efficiently handles many computing tasks

The ASUS IoT MDS-M700 is a standout device for medical AI applications. It uses NVIDIA graphics cards to record 4K video and conduct real-time analysis with the help of AI