ASUS MH Series: Clinical Displays of the Highest Quality

A range of clinical monitors called ASUS MH is intended for use in radiology and PACS

– DICOM compliance: Ensures accurate grayscale representation of medical images – Scheduled calibration: Maintains color accuracy over time

– Anti-glare coating: Reduces reflections for comfortable viewing – Medical device certifications: Meets safety and quality standards for medical use

There are presently three models in the ASUS MH series: – MH3281A: a 32-inch sensor with 8 megapixels – MH2741A: 4 megapixels at 27 inches – MH2441A: resolution of 4 megapixels, 23.8 inches

Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) conformance under DICOM Part 14 Guarantees correct and consistent grayscale depiction of medical images

Regular calibration Preserves color integrity over time

Dynamic brightness and DICOM compensation Image quality is optimized for various viewing settings via the use of dynamic brightness and DICOM adjustment.

Anti-glare coating Lessens reflections and enhances comfort while watching