ASUS ProArt PA602 The Most Elegant Computer Case!

The first of many ProArt chassis to come, the ProArt PA602 chassis from ASUS offers outstanding cooling straight out of the box

It comes equipped with a number of convenient features, such as automatic dust detection, an integrated PWM control on the front I/O panel power lock latch, and a generous array of readily accessible USB ports

Users can enjoy the most optimal all-out cooling and discreet operation with the ProArt PA602 chassis Its open-grille front panel, which has two pre-installed 200 mm ProArt front fans and broad 15.5 mm venting slots with 45%

They have an airflow rating of up to 190.2 CFM, which is almost twice as much as standard 200 mm system fans The ProArt PA602 chassis comes with a 140 mm fan that is pre-installed to aid with heat exhaustion

Two air deflectors located inside the chassis assist in directing cooling air to the areas that require it most. In order to minimize turbulence and provide excellent cooling for the CPU and power delivery circuitry

Building a PC that is creator-friendly using the ProArt PA602 chassis The ProArt PA602 chassis goes above and beyond to make the process of creating a PC easier and more efficient

Large datasets, high-resolution graphics, and finished projects might all require a lot of storage. Because of the ProArt PA602’s roomy interior, users have several possibilities for mounting a lot of disks