ASUS ROG STRIX XG27UCS: Fast 4K Gaming Monitor

This legacy is carried on by the ROG STRIX XG gaming monitor family, which offers extremely low prices for panels with great resolution and lightning-fast refresh rates

Having a monitor with an extremely high refresh rate gives esports players a competitive edge

Introducing the ROG STRIX XG259QNS, a 1080p 380Hz display built from the bottom up for gamers that require the quickest possible performance

They combine flawless image quality with the XG259QNS’s lightning-fast Fast IPS panel

The ROG STRIX XG259QNS is a monitor that is highly responsive and reasonably priced

Turn on Extreme Low Motion Blur for even crisper motion. Furthermore, as demonstrated by its DisplayHDR 400 certification

The benefits don’t stop there. A few quality-of-life features, such as AI-powered benefits, really set the XG27ACS apart from the competition