ASUS Triple 4K Thunderbolt 4 Dock DC500 Revolution

DC500 is the world’s smallest Thunderbolt 4 dock that supports 12 Thunderbolt interfaces

This docking station is capable of seamlessly connecting to several 4K displays, peripherals, and memory card readers with a single USB-C connection

DC500’s revolutionary 12-in-1 design and its adjustable aluminum stand. It is possible to easily connect the stand to the back of a monitor or the edge of a desk

Whether you want to use a single 8K monitor or a triple 4K display configuration, this docking station enables you to multitask and improves the sharpness of your display

A quick and trouble-free procedure for backing up data from a variety of devices is ensured by the presence of two card readers that are not only compatible with SD cards but also with microSD cards

Both the Thunderbolt 4 connection and the 2.5 Gbps Ethernet connector are breaking new ground in terms of speed in this day and age of enormous file sizes

Internal temperatures are maintained by cutting-edge cooling technology, which ensures that data transmission speeds are at their highest possible level