Athlon 3000 Series: Radeon desktops

AMD Desktop Processors from the Athlon 3000 Series with Radeon Graphics

Athlon is the solution if you’re looking for a PC with cutting-edge processing technology, stunning visuals, and quick response times

Athlon is the solution if you want a PC with cutting-edge processing technology that will let you to take advantage of future upgrades like graphics cards

AMD Athlon 3000 Series, powered by AMD's 7nm CPU core technology, supports graphics card upgrades for smooth HD+ 1080p gameplay

AMD uses the moniker AMD Athlon to refer to a line of x86-compatible microprocessors. Its lengthy history began in 1999 with the introduction of the first Athlon as a high-end CPU

AMD Desktop Processors with PRO technology provide outstanding value in professional security features, performance, and management