AtomMan G7 Pt Mini PC

The AtomMan G7 Pt from Minisforum is a beast that has been released into the micro PC market

This high-end device is a compelling choice for gamers and multimedia creators on a tight budget

Its strong AMD Ryzen 9 processor, discrete Radeon RX graphics card, and enough memory

Main component of AtomMan G7 Pt is AMD Ryzen 9 7945HX CPU

This 16-core, 32-thread AMD Zen 4 CPU has a high boost frequency of 5.4 GHz

It outperforms Intel's most powerful mobile processor, the i9-14900HX, in benchmark

AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT graphics card, the G7 Pt improves on the Core Ultra 9-powered X7 Ti. 32 CPUs and 8GB GDDR6 RAM in this RDNA 3-based GPU

Large memory complements processing capability. The G7 Pt's dual-channel DDR5-5200 SODIMM slots provide 96GB of RAM