August 13, Google Pixel 9 Series Launch Confirmed

As Google gets ready to reveal the Google Pixel 9 series on August 13, 2024, the tech community is a flurry of activity

Google’s deliberate timing shows that it is confident in the Pixel 9’s potential and intends to compete strongly in the flagship smartphone market

Presumably, the Tensor G4, the next generation Tensor chip, will be the brains behind the Google Pixel 9 series

This might result in improved computational photographic skills, a speedier and more seamless user experience

Famous for having outstanding cameras, Google Pixel phones are anticipated to improve even further with the Google Pixel 9 series

Google may have introduced a new design language with the Google Pixel 9 series, despite their previous design decisions being quite conservative

Google Pixel 9 rumours go beyond the ordinary Pixel phones. Many expect Google to release a new Pixel Fold