August Apple Arcade Games: Castle Crumble, 3 More

Apple Arcade gets three new games in August, including Temple Run: Legends, Castle Crumble and Vampire Survivors+

The first level-based runner in the popular series, Temple Run: Legends, will bring players back to Aperion on August 1 and is only accessible on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade features over 200 free games for any Apple device. Every month, there are upgrades to popular games and new ones added

Players can explore ancient Aperion with new gaming options, unique challenges and rewards

A whole new universe of horror is unlocked as players battle for their life in the poisonous, demonic atmosphere of Vampire Survivors+

It will notably also have a special feature: four players can play local cooperative games on the same device

In this physics-based puzzle game, players will go on a journey over a range of kingdoms and distinct biomes in order to destroy the enemy’s castles