AWS InfluxDB databases

Amazon Timestream supports InfluxDB as a database engine

You can easily execute time-series applications in close to real-time utilizing InfluxDB and open-source APIs

Timestream now offers you a choice between two database engines: Timestream for InfluxDB and Timestream for LiveAnalytics

If your use cases call for InfluxDB capabilities like employing Flux queries or near real-time time-series queries, you should utilize the Timestream for InfluxDB engine

If you need to conduct SQL queries on petabytes of time-series data in seconds and ingest more than tens of terabytes of data per minute

You may utilize a managed instance that is automatically configured for maximum availability and performance with Timestream’s support for InfluxDB

Timestream for LiveAnalytics and Timestream for InfluxDB work in tandem to provide large-scale, low-latency time-series data intake