AWS Supply Chain update: Three brand-new modules

Today, AWS are introducing three new AWS Supply Chain modules With the aim of assisting you in maintaining ideal inventory levels at each location along the chain, these modules are made to assist you in working 

With the aid of this module, you can precisely project and schedule the acquisition of components, finished goods, and raw materials

This module expands visibility and cooperation to numerous external trading partner tiers from within your company’s internal systems

With the help of this module, you can request, gather, and review carbon emission data and reports on hazardous materials used in the procurement, production, transportation, and disposal of goods in a more efficient and safe manner

AWS Supply Chain already comes with a Demand Planning module that forecasts demand and creates a demand plan based on two or more years of historical order line data using proprietary machine learning algorithms

The demand plan is an input used by the new Supply Planning module It examines the current inventory, takes uncertainty into account, and supports additional business input, such as stocking strategies

This module facilitates cooperative working with your suppliers, suppliers to your suppliers, and so on Vendors are automatically identified and prepared for AWS Supply Chain onboarding

Then fill in the specifics of my request, like a deadline You can request a file response or a text response from the selected partners